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Logline:After Jesus' arrest, Roman law dictates that he must stand trial and be represented by counsel. How will Jesus fare having the benefit of the dedicated and capable Joseph of Arimathea defend him in a fair, modern-day-like trial?

The Jesus Trial was a semi-finalist at the 2013 Eddie Bauer Screenplay Competition.

The Jesus Trial is scheduled to begin shooting in March 2017.

The Jesus Trial the book written by Kathleen Keithley and Daniel T. Doyle is currently available on Amazon.

Logline: Hatcher! When enemies become allies and friends become foes… who can he trust?

The first in a triology, The Hatcher File is slated to begin shooting in Fall 2017.

The Hatcher File the book written by Ray Knight is currently available on Amazon.

Logline: Ernest Hemingway's early works were stolen off a train. Where did they go and how did they impact those who encountered the old valise that contained these unsigned works?

The Valise was a finalist at the 2013 Beverly Hills Film Festival, Screenplay Competition.
The Valise was a semi-finalist at the 2013 Table Read My Screenplay, Screenplay Competition.

Logline: A young girl, forced into prostitution at age twelve, escapes her Brazilian slum for Europe and America to become an international supermodel. In the backdrop of fame and fortune and the glitterati of the fashion world, she earns the attention of a mysterious and dangerous Sheik who compels her to escape once again—this time to find where she truly belongs.

Daria was a finalist at the 2012 Beverly Hills Film Festival, Screenplay Competition.

Logline: A young college coed spirals into a permanent catatonic state after witnessing the brutal murder of a classmate. An experimental drug that impacts the “fear center” of the brain brings her out of catatonia and makes her forget the entire incident but only for a while. The murderer learns of her returning memory and decides to silence her forever.

Fear Center was a semi-finalist at the 2011 Script Pipeline Screenplay competition.
Fear Center was a quarter-finalist at the 2016 Screencraft Screenplay competition.

Logline: Magdalene was a beautiful young woman who lived in Jerusalem -- the men literally lined up at her door. But the emptiness she always felt led her to love a Man who taught her that true love was in the heart and spirit.

Magdalene has been optioned by a production company.

Logline: The true story of Terri Patraw, winning Division 1 coach at the University of Nevada, Reno, who after standing up for the right thing was thrown into the fight of her life with a corrupt university, a corrupt media and a corrupt Nevada judicial system.

One Thousand Showers was written by Terri Patraw and Kathleen Keithley ~ Book available on Amazon

Logline: In the autumn of his life, Julian was ambushed by the daughter he never knew he had and overwhelmed by the love he had for her the minute he first saw her.

Daughters was written by Kathleen A. Keithley -- Story Idea and Poetry by Ofer Saly

Logline: An extraordinary young farm boy from the Midwest proves that there’s no such thing as an ordinary solider.

The book, An Ordinary Soldier, is a true story by Marvin Gebhardt and is available on Amazon.

Logline: The strawberry moon was full of promise. Perhaps it held the hope that Paul would finally learn what true love was and… what it wasn’t.

The book, The Strawberry Harvest is the true story of its author, Paul Wokes, and is available on Amazon.

Logline: Sarah Hunter is an IRS agent who is assigned to a hick town in Iowa to track down tax violators of bartering laws. She didn’t find many violators but she did find something more important – herself and where she belonged… and the most unexpected of all – true love.

Based on the book, The Secrets of Clayton County by Don Wooldridge which is available on Amazzon.

Logline: Ben Drake heeded the call to duty and joined the Union army to fight for the survival of the nation. Despite the perils and hardships he endured in the war, it was no match for the heartache he would face when he finally made it home again.

Logline: Four young men, buddies since grade school, fall under the spell of a sultry, beguiling woman who seduces each of them for her own nefarious purpose, leaving their friendship in shambles and their lives in chaos.

Logline: A young, inexperienced Miami Homicide detective who has depended on his looks and charm to get him by has to get down to business when a celebrated evangelist – Brother Eugene – is nearly assassinated and the body count starts to rise.

Logline: When a rich, spoiled young man loses his parents in a tragic accident, he learns that there had always been another parent who loved him from afar. He travels to England from America, intent on confronting the mother who abandoned him. Instead, he finds a bond that time and distance could not destroy.

The Good Adoption has been optioned.

Logline: No one -- especially a sophisticated reporter from New York like Penny -- would ever imagine that scores and scores of broken hearts would lead to one true love.

The King of Broken Hearts is being considered by the Hallmark Channel.

Logline: As Christmas approaches Dave, a man who seems to have it all, experiences a nagging emptiness. But when he is drawn to a stream of magical starlight, he is led to true love and happiness.

Star of Dave is being considered by the Hallmark Channel.

Logline: A young Pakistani man learns that a look in the mirror reflects the harsh reality that everyone can be both a victim and an agent of bias and hate.

A Look in the Mirror is scheduled for a shoot in the Middle East.

Logline: When bad luck doesn't come knocking, Robbie Durso does a great job of sabotaging himself. "Not Since the Toothbrush. . ." is the hilarious true story of a modern-day, down-on-his luck Aussie entrepreneur who life has turned against until he discovers something that everyone in the whole world will want.

Not Since the Toothbrush has investment backing.

My completed screenplays include those listed below. By clicking on the graphics above, you will reach the synopsis for that work or you can link to the synopses using the links below:

The Jesus Trial (screenplay & novel)
The Strawberry Harvest
An Ordinary Soldier
The Secrets of Clayton County
One Man's Ride through the Civil War
Brother Eugene
The Valise
One Thousand Showers (screenplay & memoir)
Fear Center
The Good Adoption
King of the Broken Hearts
Star of Dave
A Look in the Mirror
Not Since the Toothbrush
We the People
For the Soul of Rose
Dreams of Yesterday and Tomorrow (screenplay & novel)
OMNI: The Rise of Ritt (screenplay & novel)
OMNI: Supercomputer (screenplay & novel)
In Defence of Democracy (screenplay & stageplay)
The Myrmidons - A Police Tale (screenplay & novel)
Safine's Son
Vernon's Sorrows
The Host
Words & Music by Queen
The Swerve
The Cricketer
666 The Beast
Murderous Mary and the Lucky One
The Nightingale Sings
The Hatcher File
Broken Dreams
Clouds (limited TV series)
I Am Not a Politician (limited TV series)
Edmund Hammond
Emerson's Hat (screenplay & novel)
Saved by the Banana
Like My Father
Love the Hoops Star
The Betting Man
The Midnight Shrink
Mickey and the Plowhorse
Mr. Monk Saves Rash Natalie (spec teleplay)
Redemption (teleplay pilot)

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Screenwriting Services

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